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In the middle of the 13th century, Fuenteheridos was founded, its name comes from the existence of a fountain in that place (Fonte Frigidu = Cold Source(fountain)). Witness of the wealth of water in the area is the Fountain of all Twelve Tubes, with an approximate wealth of two million liters a day.
Its urban hull centre has been declared Historical Artistic Set, it is necessary to emphasize in this typical village the architectural typology of its, buildings, its paved streets, as well as the Church of the Holy Spirit, of the 18th century. In the central square the shade of its two big
chestnut-tree (chestnut-colored) and a maple, turn it into a fresh and suitable place where we will be able to pass a few agreeable evenings of summer. Walking along this village we can´t forget to visit the small and elegant botanical garden of Villa Onuba, whose origin goes back at the end of the 19th century, where we will be able to admire the immense cypresses, yews, cedars of the Himalayas, as well as a great diversity of arboreal species difficult to find.

The Hermitage of Holy Brigida (15th century), is an exceptional viewing-point of Galaroza anywhere village, nailed in a valley of chestnut-trees and fruit trees, at this beautiful people village we will be able to visit the Temple of the Purest Concepcion (16th century) as well as the different squares and summer-houses along its streets, without forgetting to rise to the Era. On September the popular party of the Jarritos is celebrated, from middle of 19th century, from one to another as if it were a rainy day in the streets.

Visiting the Sierra we can't leave behind the so called Peña de Arias Montano, declared place of cultural interest, balcony to the sierra where the look goes further we can imagine; that together with the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de los Angeles, make of Alajar, one of the most beautiful villages that we are going to see.

Little before we arrive in Almonaster la Real, we will see its Mosque (califal building of the 10th century) inscribed in the wall of the castle-fortress (wall of Roman and Arabic factory).
Walking along its streets we will be able to contemplate the great quantity of Mudejar and Gothic elements that are present in the fronts of its houses.
In this typical people village one lives with great fervour its parties of the Cross of May, where women wear their ancient typical dresses.
During these days the brethren devoted to one cross sing fandangos and the other brethren reply with more songs.

Visiting the Sierra we must not forget Aracena, tourist place par excellence, presided by the hill of the castle, on which the Church Prioral of the Castle (12th century) and the ruins of the old fortress raise.
Under this hill we find the famous Cavern of the Marvels, phreatic cavity with variety of formations and stalactites and stalagmites. The tourist tour allows the contemplation of twelve lounges and six lakes with a tour that exceeds 1200 meters.
Aracena, also has a series of religious and civil buildings of great interest like the Church of the Asuncion (16th century) of Holy Catalina (16th century), the Church of Carmen the former Town hall with its Hernan Ruiz's front, of 1563.

There are former castles some of medieval epoch as Cortegana's castle built in times of Sancho IV, and that preserves its Romanesque and Gothic style, on top of the hill above the village, where the look gets lost in the horizon.

Few kilometres from Cortegana, , surrounded by nature and history, majestic Aroche appears around an impressive enclosure wall of 17th century, which does not manage to conceal the Almoravide Castle (12th century), where a bullring was built last century.

The trip we propose you implies motivation for your part; you will find the absence in ruins and paths, inhabited of dreams and tasks, of daily gestures, of fierce patience. The one who is missing made possible that foundation, who planted that old tree; after the shade of the things, a life is beating if we learn to listen to her. Come as the discreet birds that fly year after year to the corrals and to the belfries, do not despise the occasion and leave yourselves go with the magic and the magic spell of these place it is enough to clear you off from the routine, to walk slowly.

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